Trade-Ins Process

I have some questions. What's the best way to contact you?

You can send us an email by completing the contact form here. Alternatively, you can call or text us at 1-844-UP-Gboro (1-844-874-2676). We look forward to helping you.

Are pets allowed at Reynolds Place Apartments?

Pets are not permitted at Reynolds Place Apartments, other than under exceptional circumstances, and only when approved by University Property. Under no circumstances are Spartan residents permitted to keep pets, due to health and safety risks arising from shared common areas.

I'm ready to apply. What's the process?

Submitting an application for a University Property apartment is simple and secure. We partner with Rentspree to provide customers with a seamless, convenient way to complete the application process and sign their lease. The process is entirely electronic and can be completed on your phone. An application fee of $30, is not due until you have completed the application, and are ready to submit. You can apply here. If you have any questions about the application process you may call or text us at 1-844-UP-Gboro.

What are the transportation options to campus?

Reynolds Place Apartments is located close to the UNCG campus on Spring Garden Street. The Heat bus runs along Spring Garden Street, plus there is a bike lane, which is popular. Our residents also use Lime scooters, which is a scooter sharing platform. Apollo, Athena and Nike apartments come with resident permit parking included. If you are a Spartan, renting as a single, you can pay $25 a month for a resident car parking permit.

Are the apartments furnished?

All of our apartments are unfurnished.

Are short-term or month-to-month leases offered?

Our leases are almost always for one year but we will occasionally rent for a shorter period, depending on the time of year. We do not rent on a month-to-month basis.

Are utilities included in rent?

All utilities (other than electricity) are fully included in monthly rent. We provide free high-speed internet and Spectrum TV. For Apollo, Athena and Nike residents, electicity must be obtained from Duke Energy and paid for directly to them. Spartan residents (singles) receive a $25 rent credit from us and are invoiced by us for any excess electricity they may owe.

Will I need a co-signer for my lease?

The necessity for a co-signer depends on many factors which we won't know until you complete your application. These factors include your monthly income, your credit history, and your rental history, among others. In general, we have found that most people who have regular employment satisfy the income requirements of the application. We have also found that, in general, most full-time students who don't have a housing allowance or other forms of financial assistance, will need to have a co-signer for their application to be accepted.